Adult Art ClassesThe Gift of ArtArt in its finest form

Adult Art Classes

Relax and socialize while creating beautiful art.

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The Gift of Art

Teamwork while creating paintings and memories.

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Art in its finest form

Passion to art borne by curiosity and fueled by emotions.

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Art Studio Guelph has been created for artists of all ages to enjoy painting, drawing, crafts, sewing, and jewelry making. My mission is to promote a safe and relaxed environment for kids and adults to enjoy their hobbies and passions. Through the offered programs and classes I want to provide an opportunity to express feelings and emotions with the use of artistic techniques and materials. My passion is to see the developing skills and results of students progressing on their artistic journey.

Art Studio Guelph provides professional tutoring and coaching. For more advanced students I offer an abundance of supportive mentoring and help with getting public exposure and joining art competitions, and exhibitions.

Art Studio Guelph or ASG in short stands for Art, Stimulation, Guidance – Join us for this unique experience and unforgettable moments while making your dreams come true.

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