Art Battle

When there is something really exciting about to happen in your life you really can’t wait and count days down to that special moment. Of course, there are some bigger and smaller occasions but I guess when you are more mature even those smaller events are especially celebrated and waited for.

This kind of great event was about to happen for me and I knew it was coming for several weeks already. You can just imagine how much of waiting was in front of me when I first learned about it at the beginning of March and it has finally happened on the 30th of May. Art Battle in Guelph has been organized by the Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington as a part of a charity event to raise funds for the support of newcomers to Guelph.

I felt very honored to be part of exiting and adrenaline-charged life painting under time pressure. There was a total of four artists (including myself) who had to paint in two rounds. All who attended the event had one vote in each round. After that, all votes were summarized and the winner of the evening was announced.

Each round was 30 minutes in duration. On average it takes several hours + to create an artwork, so you can just imagine that 30 minutes is a very short time and you have to take some decisions on this what to paint and how to paint it a bit earlier. I have two videos uploaded on youtube just to show you whole process and excitement of the event and I guess it is very difficult for me to describe how great it was, so it will be easier if you will get to see it on the video. Video with the first painting, video with the second painting session.

Art Battle International is a company which organizes life art tournaments all over the world and brings back the process of art creation directly to the viewers. I’m so happy I had this fantastic opportunity to be part of it and who knows, I may participate again in the future.

Thank you so much to all of the participants who voted on my artwork. I didn’t win but I’d like to think I was close 🙂