Art Classes in the Mosque

It was an absolute pleasure working with young adults who attend Sunday classes in one of the Mosques in Guelph. It was last class of this school year and students had a little celebration with a lovely meal and free time around the artistic project. I feel very privileged as I was invited to take a part in their work. Since Ramadan was just about to start we have decided to get our thoughts on it and select a few main highlights in order to present them on the paper. One of the groups selected “charity” as the main subject to present. They have used some symbolism and also presented a scene of a beggar in front of the mosque asking for a donation. This picture was very creative and well presented.
Another group has selected “prayer” as their main subject. They had triangular panels and presented each prayer of the day in different faces of the prayer itself. That was a great idea. They used bright colors to emphases time of the day where our prayers normally happen.

Another group has selected very serious subject “night of power” this is the night when Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and it is truly special night which brings a lot of reward for practicing believers.

The last group worked on visualization of “dua” which means invocation in the Arabic language. This team has managed to copy open hands in the act of supplication with all of its lines and prints. Very well done!  Two hours went by very quickly and we didn’t realize how much time we spent on planning and discussion.

Finally, everybody had to hurry to complete their panel so it can be displayed on the final school assembly.

I would call it “the perfect way” to finish the school year.

Art Studio Guelph is going to take a part in art classes during 2017/2018 school year on the more regular basis and we will include artworks into our student’s gallery as well. I wish all of you fantastic summer break!