Art Night – Winter Mountains

What’s your favorite way to spend a relaxing evening with your friends? If you are one of those who like to paint but don’t know how or know how but don’t have much time to do it at home, Art Night may be a fantastic solution to enjoy yourself and go back home with a beautiful piece of your own art.

Fitness Studio in LoYoBoFit set up with tables and art equipment. Ready for Art Night.
Fitness Studio in LoYoBoFit set up with tables and art equipment. Ready for an Art Night.

Art Studio Guelph and LoYoBoFit has combined powers and organized our first joined Art Night on the 5th of January. What an amazing way to start 2019! We have used the main fitness studio of LoYoBoFit. We had 10 fantastic participants who followed step by step instructions while painting a Winter Mountain landscape during 2 a hour art session. We used canvases and acrylic paints, also artistic palette knives.

I was so happy to see that all participants found it fairly easy to follow the instructions and try to copy what I painted on the slightly bigger canvas. I think many of them has participated in similar events before. Palette knives were slightly newer tools and only some of the participating artists have actually used them during the painting of this project. Of course, you can paint mountains with a brush too I just find it more interesting to use some tools you have never used before.

Art Night in full swing.
Art Night in full swing.

Thanks to Courtney and her beautiful and well-equipped facility, we had a great musical background supporting our artistic efforts and allowing conversations to start and experience exchange between participants. The painting was moving forward very swiftly and seemed to be effortless. I could see smiles on faces as hands were getting dirty and pieces of art were been born. I wonder if you find this event interesting, and if you would come to paint with me sometimes? E-mail me if you would like me to host girls art night or maybe small birthday party. I can tailor a project to your personal interests or style and price is affordable too.