Artistic Evening

I’m happy to share with you that Art Studio Guelph was recently invited to participate in an Artistic Evening organized by Immigration Services in Guelph. This event was organized in order to raise funds for new refugee immigrants. It was my pleasure to present some of my paintings among 8 other artists. Each of us has presented different technique, subject, and different medium. There were oil, acrylics, pastels and liquid paint. Colors and shapes were rolling through the spacious room full of visitors in evening clothes. Smacks and drinks were served and the venue was dipped in beautiful music. It was such a joy to talk to people about our art, background, and story. I truly appreciate the attention, kind words, and feedback. Thank you to the organizers and sponsors who made this evening even more interesting by donating prizes to the silent auction.

Artistic Evening was a great success, looks like it is going to become an annual event and I hope I will be able to participate in it in the future. Hopefully, the space will be even bigger and more guests invited. If you have missed it this time and you would like to come over next year please look for tickets in Scotia Bank early March. You can also check Immigration Services in Guelph Facebook page for new events, it is very well promoted so you can’t miss it!