Children’s Art Show

You really have to see it! Art Studio Guelph has put on a Children’s Art Show (video in the link) presenting amazing artworks created by the students of Art Studio Guelph. The Art Show started on the 1st of June and it will run until the 30th of June and you can see it at East End Guelph Public Library during library opening hours.

It is really great to see how talented children we have in the East End community and beyond. My students attend Ecole Guelph Lake PS, Ken Dandy PS, Holy Trinity, William C Winegard, St. John and Central PS. You may find artwork of your friend or neighbour or maybe even cousin! I know that most of you visit the library once a month or even more. Just look at the walls to find colourful and exciting paintings and drawings. There is a total of 14 artists with two artworks each, the Art Studio Guelph logo and one of my paintings. You can also find flyers with the summer drop-in schedule and details about the fall season starting at the beginning of September. Don’t be shy to check it out and if you love art you can see at the Children’s Art Show, please consider Art Studio Guelph for your child’s new interest to develop. Also, I would like to underline that we could put an Art Exhibit with some 100 pieces not only 28 which has been hung at the library. Unfortunately, limited space had to limit the selection of the artworks, but who knows, maybe one day we will find some other suitable space to display all of the artwork and one day I would love to make a big opening night with all of the young artists being able to meet and greet our audience.

The idea is to create two art shows a year. This June one is our premiere and end of the school year celebration, next one is going to be in December (upon library’s approval). We will hopefully repeat the exhibit next year during the same months and show even more amazing artwork because I strongly believe that in order to grow great characters and strong young people we need to present their skills and build their confidence and their success. Please join us and share your comments regarding this Children’s Art Show on our website or on Facebook. I would love to hear from you and I will do my best to share your comments with my students too.