Children’s Art

I’m very proud of my youngest students. They are just 4 and 5 years old but they are doing an amazing job of being engaged and creative in their art. They have so much fun blending and learning about new colours. They also have a really good memory, especially when we blend colours right in front of their eyes.

They have accomplished several great projects during recent classes and I would love to share some of them with you.

I usually start my art class with a “warm-up” drawing. They get to decide what to draw but sometimes I have prepared an idea which is connected to the theme of the class. We would make a pencil sketch and then colour with pencil crayons or markers.

Then we would first make acrylic projects. Most of the time we can make two of them but sometimes it’s only one. All depending on how focused the children are and if they really want to paint that day. Some children have a natural drive to the art. They can concentrate on the artwork at any time, but some children need some more of instructions and you need to give them breaks in between the projects so they can relax for few minutes before concentrating on the next one.

I like to keep projects meaningful and related to the children’s current environment. In this way, they feel motivated and really want to see the final result of their work. The first project should have been a winter forest with evergreen trees with snow on it but it ended up to be a green forest on a summer day instead of winter.

The second project was much more on track. They could decide how many snowmen will be on the picture and since children tend to follow each other’s idea they both painted two snowmen. Both pictures turned adorable and they included all of the elements. I love working with children at any age and I love to see how their faces light up when they see how great they can accomplish their artwork. Children’s art is lovely to look at but observing the process of creation is even more enlighting. Join Art Studio Guelph to see how the talent of your children can flourish and develop.