Children’s Foundation Art Project

I have some exciting news to share! Art Studio Guelph had a fantastic opportunity to volunteer for Children’s Foundation Guelph along with a local public school and created about 50 amazing artworks with grade 4 and 5 students. All donated artwork has been framed and presented as an award to the fantastic and very generous donors of the foundation.

The children were amazing! They were so dedicated and worked really hard to deliver beautiful art. We worked around four different art categories. There was Adopt-A-Family program with a Christmas theme, Food & Friends with all types of still life compositions of food, Free to Play program with all types of sports activities and also an adventure project for the Southern Ontario Amazing race category.

Art Studio Guelph had one artwork in each category presented to the children so they could support their imagination and stay focused on the subject. Then the class was split so we could achieve quite even numbers of artworks in each category. After that, there was over an hour of creativity and fun! Some spilled water and dirty desks happened too, but this is part of the work in process so they were forgiven.

My young artists were so focused and detailed, they worked really well with colours and shapes. Many projects were well thought through and space was planned, white gaps of paper were covered with paint, markers or pencil crayons.

Many children knew Children’s Foundation by name, others could recognize their sunny logo. They understand that children get lots of
opportunities to create wonderful memories with the donor’s support and foundation’s work.

The Around the World  Gala was on the 3rd of October and artwork was a hit!
Participants loved it and I’m so proud and happy that those paintings now decorate offices and home libraries of very generous people and organizations. Art Studio Guelph is honored to support artistically Children’s Foundation programs and activities.