Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington

I’m very excited to announce that Art Studio Guelph is supporting Children’s Foundation in their “free to play” program which covers artistic activities. “Free to play” provides families with financial support to help offset the cost of recreational activities such as arts, sports, music, dance lessons, and camps.

There is $ 400 per year per child available (not guaranteed) which can be a great help for many families. When you apply you can name the program you would like to join or you can ask Foundation for recommendations in the area of your child’s interest.

Art Studio Guelph got a spot on the cork board in the Children’s Foundation office and you will be able to see our current programs and activities to chose from.

To check your eligibility and apply online you can click here: Apply for Funding

I’m really glad I could share this information with you and I hope your children will have a fantastic time doing what they love.