Children’s Foundation Pottery Project

How exciting is to share another fantastic project accomplished for Children’s Foundation. This Pottery Project was a little bit different than our other projects. We usually work on paper with pencils and paints and this time we got our hands really dirty. We worked with air dry clay which took, feels like forever, to dry before we could work out the patterns. You can just imagine how impatiently the kids were waiting for the next day to paint it. Then each bowl was painted inside and out. After a good dry, we did add some further details to make it look even more beautiful and make colours look vibrant.

We have created six very beautiful bowls and kids had a blast making them! Children’s Foundation is preparing a small gift as a thank you gesture to the volunteers who work so hard for the Foundation. Each bowl will have a small scented candle and some chocolates and all will be wrapped in the plastic wrapping. What an excellent little gift for the end of the year. I’m so happy that Art Studio Guelph students could be part of the Pottery Project for Children’s Foundation this year and to donate time and talent and join in a big thank you to the volunteers for so much of hard work.