Children’s Spring Story

I have to share this Spring Break story children from our before and after school program put together a few weeks ago. Each of them got to add a part of the story and draw a picture to the part made up by another child. We all had so much laughter working on it, then it got printed on good quality paper and put together for each child to take home. It’s a small souvenir and way of keeping happy memories for the future. Now I would like to share the story with you, I have included only some pictures due to space but you can trust me, all of them are great.

“Fruit Adventure”

Authors: Jack, Rowen, Brady, Anna, Maddy
Moderators: Maddy, Parya, and Kate

Once upon a time, there was a family of fruits. They lived in an orange house, with a banana toilet. One day, a tornado came, the fruit wanted to save themselves, so they jumped into the banana toilet. After, they ended up in a sewer. The sewers were dark and gross. After, living in the sewers for a while, the fruit found a way out. Then they got out they realized that the tornado was still there, but it was too late!

The tornado sucked them right in and blew them all the way to another dimension. In a different dimension, there were houses made from chairs and it looked like a Minecraft game, everything was made from blocks and shapes. They were very scared and worried about what is going to happen to them. They walked for a while and finally, they saw a creature called a Creeper. The creeper has a head but no arms. When the Creeper saw the fruits, he came over to them and asked, “Would you like to come to my house?”
After, two years in the Minecraft dimension they saw on the weather channel that the tornado was finished. They immediately asked the creeper to fly them back to their world, and the creeper did!

But when they got back to their house it was all destroyed. So, they asked the creeper, “Would you help us to re-build our house?”
Creeper agreed to help. But the house didn’t stay there for long because a tsunami came which was made by the Godzilla! When the creeper saw the tsunami, he exploded in fear. But the creeper wasn’t done yet, 10 seconds after the creeper exploded, he re-formed. He wanted to save the fruit’s world and beat Godzilla, but Godzilla was smart too, so he grew and grew and grew until he was x10 his size!

Fruits with the Creeper and their new re-build house.

After he grew, he ate the Creeper which exploded in his stomach and exploded Godzilla too. The fruits survived the explosion, but their house was gone. The fruit decided to move to another orange, so they didn’t need to build their house again. At the same time, whatever was left of Godzilla, turned to a magical potion. The fruits saw that a witch came and took the magical potion to her magical palace. When the witch got to her palace, she put the magical potion into a huge cauldron, she also put in a sock as the last ingredient. Now the new potion was ready, and the witch could take away the voice of any leaving creature. 1 week later, the witch came back to the Fruits’ world with the potion.

Everyone was running like crazy. But then the fruits decided to capture the witch, so she couldn’t take anybody’s voice. When they were about to catch her the witch used the potion on the fruits! OH NO! Now the fruits have no voice, what do they do now?! They went to the library to find a map of the path to the magical palace. When the fruits finally found it, they were on their way to the palace. Later they met a princess that asked them where they were going, but the fruits couldn’t talk, so they had to write a note. When the princess found out what was happening, she decided to help them and they went to the magical palace together. They sneaked through the guards and went to search for the potion which can bring their voice back.

They finally found some potions but when they were trying to leave the witch caught them, “Where do you think you’re going?” she said. “We were just about to leave.” The Fruits responded. “No, you’re not. If you want to leave you to have to do 2 things for me.” The Witch responded. The 2 things were to make all the meals for her and clean the palace. Fruits did all of the choirs and realized that the Witch was lonely, and that’s why she was so mean. They offered to be friends with her. The Witch smiled and told them that they found the wrong potion before and she gave them the right one. Finally, The Fruits could go back home and had a huge party with two new friends, the Witch, and the Princess. THE END!