Culture Days 2018


On Saturday 29th of September, we were celebrating Culture Days 2018 across Canada. Thank you so much to the Guelph City Hall for putting together a fantastic event and inviting Art Studio Guelph to be one of the participants. The event started at 9 am and there were about 15 different artists selling their products and engaging participants in many types of artistic activities. Art Studio Guelph had two big tables, one of them was with different kinds of handmade products like beaded jewelry, scarves, paintings, and fabric bags. On the second table, we had a fun time working with visitors on their little paintings. I had a variety of 5 x 7″ printed cards with different sketches of Guelph and Ontario memorable locations. Everyone could choose their favorite one and then got to paint it with acrylics, watercolours, markers or pencil crayons.

It got really busy about 10 am and my last little artist left about 12:30 pm. So many of you wanted to paint. Thank you so much for that. The youngest artist was just 3 years old. Teens and young adults did a great job painting some of those more detailed pictures. The main point is that we all had fun and got to know each other a little bit. I would love to see all of you again in my Art Studio and on the next year Culture Days. Art Studio Guelph will be there for sure 🙂