Detailed Brushwork

While working with a young artist it is very important to develop their imagination, techniques and obviously practice Detailed Brushwork. It is not only an exercise for the hand and brush control but also for the eye to spot all of the details and the brain to create flawless coordination and train the hand to complete what the eye can see. There is no better way than practice, practice, practice.

For this Art Class exercise, I have prepared a project which I have called A Hat And A Feather. My younger students worked with a less demanding version of the same thing. They had much fewer details to work on and the older students had to copy traditional Indian feather hat.

Younger children had an opportunity to select any colour they liked. A very simple sketch was presented to them, so they were able to use their imagination and create any details they wanted. They really did great work and I had plenty of opportunities to provide tips on being detailed with the background and all of the shapes they have decided to add. The older students had to copy all of the details from the provided project as detailed as they could. I’m happy to say that they did manage to find all of them and with each try and error, they managed to find a consistent way of working with all of those feathers. Traditional Indian feather hat exerciser is better for 10+ students who have some previous experience with acrylic paints and paintbrushes. It is also good to make one of those at the beginning of the one-year timeline and then repeat it in the end. There should be a very visible difference between both projects. It’s a great way to verify how your child progresses with their artistic skills and detailed brushwork.