Fall Art Class 2018

This Fall Art Class has already started but since I have space left I’m inviting you to start at any time and I will make up classes which your child has lost. So far we have completed three segments and hard work goes full steam ahead. We did a beautiful sea landscape with acrylic paints and two artworks with watercolours: forest and the underwater world. The third class was all about sketching basics, types of pencils, all those tricky lines which, when put together in the right way, may create fantastic objects. You can see on one of below photos how 7 years old is fantastic in making a copy of sketch, and this is rather difficult one, right? She did a great job!

I can see that children feel very comfortable when they are given only part of the project and they are actually allowed to use their own imagination to make up missing pieces of it. Also, it is good to talk about different elements and how to complete the entire picture. Most of the kids will get a lot of ideas and forget them while painting so it’s good if we can remind them what they wanted to include.

When my children spontaneously decide to work I always ask them what is it going to be? It’s a very important question based on the number of unfinished artwork. When kids forget what they were going to paint halfway through they are going to lose their interest and give up.

How do you “sneak in” a quality knowledge during art class? This is obviously applicable to any given time you paint with your children. If you try to teach them something you need to find the way they are going to remember without any effort. My art class sections allow children to try different types of mediums and techniques. This is just like experimenting, they make mistakes and then they try again and the next artwork is better than the previous one. Suddenly they know how to mix colours and use space on their canvas or paper.

First of all, teach them to cover up all the white space on the paper. This way artwork will look complete when the background is there and it complements all of the other details. Second, teach them to not be afraid and draw objects larger than they would normally draw or paint. Third, they need to practice their hand as much as possible. If painting every day is too much they should at least do some coloring and keep all of the lines and the shapes as good as possible. Remember the artist is only 10% of talent and 90% of practice! If my fall art classes are something that your child would enjoy you can always give a try and book a single class, subject to space availability.