Finger Painting Spring is Coming

I’m so glad you have some free time to read about our Saturday Art class.

If you still like to sign up you obviously can. I have two spots available in the afternoon class and you will get discount for class you have missed out.

Finger Painting Spring is Coming class started just on time. We worked very hard to break first shyness and get our hands dirty. Our white canvas got splash of colors very fast and I really think kids loved it. You can see concentration on their faces. We learned how to use different edges of our fingers for different shapes, how to look for details in the composition and how to select important elements and skip those which are not really needed.



We used our imagination for some details which kids decided to change because this is what artists do. We add our character to our canvas to make paintings as artistic as out hearts are.

We also worked on the blending and smudging techniques to get realistic look and all of the contrasts and balances. It wasn’t easy to use two colors on one fingers and apply it on the canvas in the way which will bring desired effects. We did have to wash our hands few times but guess what! My neat girls didn’t get their clothes dirty.

I plan to sew a few aprons to protect our clothes when we work on the future projects. In this way I can also share some simple tutorial on this how to sew and apron. Maybe some of you would like to learn it?

Anyways, our first class was great! We obviously didn’t forget to have some fun while working and I was very surprised when we finished all of the paintings a bit earlier than expected. I think my new students are very talented and they definitely love art! I’m really looking forward to the next class. We will have new exiting challenge but I will tell you all about it next week. Finger Painting Spring is Coming was a great starter class and I’m sure it has put as off on the fantastic journey where arts gives us feeling of accomplishment and pride.

If you would like to see finished paintings in it’s full glory please visit our Student’s Gallery.