Flower Door Ornament and Art

This time I’m going to try to entertain children and grownups. This will help you spend some creative time together on making this beautiful Flower Door Ornament and Art. Part of the project is going to decorate your front door entrance and the other part of the project is going to keep your little artists occupied for a while and decorate their room.

To make the flower door ornament, you will need a 30 cm diameter loop (11 inches) made of sticks. I got mine at Michaels but you may also find it at Walmart or Len’s Mill. Then you will need lots of colourful pieces of craft felt fabric. I got a pack of it in Dollarama. Cut out lots of flowers. I have worked out 5 different sizes of flowers to stack on top of each other, and the centers are made of buttons. My daughter had lots of fun organizing them for me. Then I stitched it together with thick thread, and keep some extras of it at the back as we will need them to tie it to the sticks of my round hanger.

I have also used some ribbons to add a few hanging flowers and create some more volume and fun in the design. The whole composition looks so happy and bright on my front door! It also complements the Art Studio sign which is painted on the side of my door. If you prefer to tone it down you could select some particular colours and makes it matching your own imagination. For a bigger selection of felt fabric, you may have to visit Michaels or Len’s Mill. Keeping up with the theme I have created a template for the little ones. You can print it out from the link below and children can colour it directly on the paper, especially if they have only markers or crayons at home. The challenge is to coordinate colours and stay in the lines as perfectly as they can. The other solution is to use the template as an example to create a painting on the canvas. I have created one as well to see how long time it is going to take to paint it. Those who will work really carefully with it and try to capture all details will need 3-4 hours of hard work using a very small brush, and I’m talking about canvas size 9 x 12″ which is not big at all. If you want to challenge yourself, you can paint it on a much bigger canvas and add even more flowers. Please send me a picture of your flower door ornament and your painting so I can share it on the website and social media.