Free Voucher Art Session

Since September 2018, Art Studio Guelph has been awarding Free Vouchers Art Session for some of you who have participated in the public events and competitions. The Free Voucher schedule is completed and posted on the website, and this is a final schedule booked until the end of March 2019. Future vouchers for art sessions will reflect validity until the end of September 2019, so if your voucher is valid until the end of March, please don’t lose an opportunity and book your free art session as soon as you can. To book it, you can call my Art Studio, tel. no. 647-981-3355, you can e-mail me at or you can send me a message through messenger or Facebook, like some of you have already done.

The last Free Voucher Art Session was about discovering light, darkness, and shadows in a still life composition. We also talked about composition itself and what makes it interesting. We used acrylic paints and a small canvas of size 8 x 10″. In the future projects, we may switch to even smaller sizes so the project can be really accomplished during the session.

Sylph is a very eager student and a fast learner. She is a talented weaver but hasn’t painted since she was a little girl. It was interesting to listen to the story of her life and about all the travels she’s had. What an amazing person! I was so happy that destiny brought her to Art Studio Guelph and we could share an experience of getting to know each other while painting and sipping a cup of tea. Thank you so much for coming and I’m so glad you got hold of my Free Vouchers