Guelph Today about Art Studio Guelph

Our Art Studio Guelph Open House last Saturday Feb 11th was great! Thank you for coming and getting to know us a little bit better.

We did some cards with younger kids (you got to see some of them on my morning tweet today), earrings with older and snacked banana bread in between. We also had a lovely visit from Brianna Bell from Guelph Today. You can read her article about Art Studio Guelph and share with your friends and family.

Next Open House event is planned for mid-May. I’m hoping weather will be nice and we will get to paint and draw outdoor while enjoying fresh air and cold drinks. I should also mention that you get to take your creation home.


In the meantime please check our new courses schedule. Art Class is going to start on Saturday March 4th and Crafts Class is going to start on Sunday March 5th. If you are interested in sewing and would love to learn how to operate home sewing machine we can schedule an individual sewing class with program which will improve your skills with steady speed. Imagine you can get all of your projects done by yourself!