Kids painting and drawing

The first fall season of kids painting and drawing classes is almost ending. There was lots of hard work and fantastic results. Please find new artwork updated in the Student’s Gallery. One of my favorite classes was 2 weeks ago when we worked on the new fall composition. This magical word “composition” was our theme during this class. New great subject and not an easy way to teach about it especially young students. So how would you present composition so students will remember what is important about it? First of all, you need to keep it simple. I have started with presenting up to 10 different objects. They should be different in colour, size, and shape. Then I have let students select about 5 of them. Then you should let the student put them close to each other following the opposite colour rule. One of the objects should be sort of highlighted as it is going to be the main focus of an art. For example, if you have some apples included in the composition then eat part of one, or even all of it and keep only an apple core. Sometimes you need to try a few different arrangements before you pick the one which feels the best. There should be at least two or three levels of hight included and you need to look for harmony between the objects. If one or two doesn’t work well with the other just change it for something else.

Professional artists tend to spend a good chunk of time on their composition before they will start painting but don’t make it too long for the children. If they try to put it together for too long they tend to lose their confidence and may even give up. When you do it with the children a few times, try to stop at the moment where you can see that the child feels comfortable. If the composition doesn’t look acceptable with at least 2 or 3 rules try to ask the child to reposition some particular elements this way or the other and ask them if they think it looks better? Most of them will realize the difference and make the right choice.

Now it’s the best part which is drawing and painting, kids usually like to have a sketch before they will touch the paints. Most of them will see only flat colours of the composition so you really need to point out light and shades and their shapes. I love to watch kids painting and drawing they are always so focused and really doing their best and the most fantastic reward is the reaction of their parents.