Let’s make a game!

Hello, my creative friends. I have a fun activity for you today and I would love to see photos of your creations. All of the photos are going to be posted on our website. You will need about an hour of your time to do it, so let’s make a game.

You will need some basic materials to work with: an empty cereal box, scissors, pencil, and eraser, glue, paints, a small ball, and obviously an awesome design. My little assistant, Anna is going to show you on the photos below how we made the game and how do we play it.

First, we need to cut off the top of the cereal box. Scissors are sharp, so please ask a grownup for help. The next step is to reinforce the corners of the box with glue, since they are going to be very loose once you remove the front “wall” of the box. Now you can draw your favorite cartoon character or maybe a landscape? Whatever is close to your heart and is going to make you happy. We used a picture of SpongeBob from the internet. It was much easier to keep it true to the original when we could pick on the details and later use the right colours of the paint to bring life to it.

Once you have completed the drawing you will have to cut out a circle that is going to be big enough for the ball to fit, but at the same time please make sure it is not too big, so playing won’t be too easy. It’s so funny because Anna and I were so concentrated on drawing the SpongeBob we almost forgot to cut the circle. Please ask a grownup for help. We used a small pair of scissors to make a more precise cutout.

Now we can get to the funniest part of this project which means painting! I know that some of you may not have acrylic or gauge paints at home. Unfortunately, watercolors are not good for it as the cereal box will get wet very easily but you can use crayons and you can also use colourful craft paper. When you are planning your painting process, start from the biggest area or as I would call it, the background, then you can slowly start adding more and more details. Make sure to correct all little slipups once the paint is dry otherwise it will mix again and create more of a hassle. Older siblings or grownups please help in the mixing of colours if necessary colours are not available at home. I will go over colour theory tomorrow just to remind everybody how to mix your paint in order to create more colours and shades.

The last step of your painting may be to outline some or all of the elements of your painting. This was the case with our design. Now Anna can present our SpongeBob game to you and can start playing it! Wait a minute! We have the game but now we need to also make some rules to it. For example: count how many seconds it takes to make a ball fall through the hole and then try to beat your record. You can have your personal best and then you can set records with your whole family. Please share any other rules you came up within the Facebook post, I’m very curious to see what other ideas you will come up with. Have fun making your own game!