Mixed Media Art – Neverland

How would you like to jump into the colourful world of children’s imagination? I know, it sounds very promising and makes you think about your childhood memories. How fantastic is it to have great childhood memories, right? In my opinion, parents and close environments create the majority of children’s memories. Art Studio Guelph loves to be part of it and I work very hard to give children, who attend our classes, an opportunity to amaze themselves with their artistic skills and build their confidence. Each class means they will get to take home a wonderful artwork they have created and share it with their friends and family.

Art classes in action.

Some would ask, how do I think it creates positive memories? Well, simply based on my own experience. I was 10 when I have painted my first oil painting. I still remember the smell of paint and thinner which were giving me a headache. The paint was applied very thick creating textures on the canvas. I didn’t mean it to be this way, I guess I thought this is how painting with oils are. It took weeks to get my artwork to dry haha. I also remember that painting was presenting still life, some fruits and a vase on the bright orange background. When I brought this painting back home, my mom couldn’t believe I painted it myself, she said it so many times that I even started crying because I thought she was suspecting that I lied to her.

Collection of artwork completed during Mixed Media Art session.

I was so proud of myself, I remember I couldn’t stop smiling and I also remember the gust of fresh air when I came out of the art studio. It was late spring and the days were very long already. It was about 30 years ago but it still brings me so much happiness, so I truly believe that the same kind of experience and excitement will create beautiful memories for your children. If you can try to take care of it and give them this opportunity, especially if they love art.

Mixed Media Art is a great opportunity to kick start the new season with a project that overflows with colour. I have named it “Neverland” just to give a little bit of direction and idea what our Mixed Media Art could contain. We have used lots of different materials and tools, some modeling paste, coloured paper, newspapers, etc. We had lots of fun and all the artworks look amazing. It was a great start of new collections for my new students and a happy addition for those who are with us another season. Mixed Media Art is also a great way to introduce more art to those children who seem to be more crafty – they would love this “Neverland” project for sure. Give it a try.