Modern Art – End of Spring Art Season

Art Studio Guelph Spring Season came to the end and we have completed our last class with Modern Art in mind. We did creative painting on canvas with a use of bright colors and different kinds of tools like paper tape and stencil. We obviously had some stickers, gems, and glitter too. We had lot’s of fun letting our imagination go wild and create whatever feels right.

As it usually works kids followed each other’s paths and both works turned to be very similar but I did take an opportunity and talked about modern art, symbolism and how today’s artists mix media to express themselves in the best way.
We looked at several artworks and tried to understand what artists meant to show in their art and how we understand it. We had fun and kids were quite surprised that each of us had a different idea and saw something else.

With this very interesting subject, we have ended Spring Art Season in Art Studio Guelph. Kids had a blast and completed fantastic art pieces which they can proudly display in their homes.

I will anons new season very soon and Art Studio will have some Summer Art Camp activities coming up as well.


Thank you all for following our news and I will share some other articles in upcoming weeks. Thank you for your interest and support. Congratulation to Natalie and I hope to see you soon on the next course.