Modern Poster Art

I’m sure that most of you heard about this style or even painted it during one of those famous art nights. Modern Poster Art is quite popular and widely available. It takes a bit of your imagination and a nice photo of a landscape. Then you need to decide the time of the day your picture should represent, most people choose nighttime or during sunset. Once you work out the background, it’s good to spend some time on it to make sure it blends well and the colours properly cover the background. If you work with acrylics you need to remember that those paints do not mix well on canvas material or paper. they dry very fast so you need to work on the tones in between the colours really quickly or mix those tones on the pallet before applying them on a canvas. Then you need to paint a landscape line, it might be trees and a house in the distance, or maybe an island with a lonely boat sailing nearby. You can really convert most of the regular landscape photos to this modern art style! Once you have a background and the mainline in black then you can add some further details like stars and moon in the sky, or maybe a reflection of the sun in the water, or maybe splats of paint imitating leaves on trees, like in our example of art.

Four pictures presenting modern project artwork. Sun setting sky with purple, pink, orange and yellow sky. Two double crossing trees in black colour.
Children’s Artwork

The children absolutely loved this class! Modern Art project is the most popular yet. We used a big format of poster paper so there was quite a lot of work to cover it all and then the second layer was necessary as the paper was still showing through. It worked out great as the second layer gave us an opportunity to add more tones and an imitation of clouds on the sun setting sky. Then children painted a small hill and added two tangled trees. It was a bit tricky since the trees were crossing each other in two points and they had to add lots of branches too. After giving a few minutes for it to dry, we got to the best part of this project, splatting! oh yes, the floor and walls had to be washed after that but it was absolutely worth it. Children had fun and all of the pictures turned out beautiful. This kind of Modern Art projectis a great idea for a birthday party, sleepover party or for a snow day, which we have a lot this winter in Guelph.