Mother’s Day Crafts

I’m completely aware that Mother’s Day just passed and I hope you can forgive me posting this project late but since Father’s Day is on the 16th of June, you can happily use this project for that special occasion.

This project will require some adult assistance and supervision for children younger than 10 years old.

Whole project takes about an hour to complete (with an adult assist)

You will need the following materials: a piece of cardboard or really thick paper. I have used back of my used off sketchbooks. You will also need scissors, a big nail to make holes, a big needle with a big eye, some colorful embroidery thread, paint, and a big brush, felt fabric (there are sets of colours available in Dollarama).

First, you need to trace and cut a big and beautiful heart – this is rather a parent’s job since cardboard is difficult to cut through. Then make your punch holes about 2 inches apart. Child’s job is to paint the heart with a single colour, back and front. Make sure the paint is dry at the front before you turn it over. While the child is painting, an adult can cut lots of colourful flowers in different sizes from felt fabric. After that, it’s all fun. Children love to create a combination of colours and order in which flowers should be stitched on.

Make sure thread is long enough and if you are using embroidery thread, it can be single. Make a knot at the end and then another one just 2 inches further, so you have a little end to tie two ends of threads.

Crafts collection completed by the children in the after school program.

Now it’s children’s turn. If they are old enough they should be able to stitch flowers on the heart themselves especially if the punch holes are already there so it is super easy to push the big needle through it. You need to start from the right side of the heart and then stitch back up with the next hole. You will go up and down attaching flowers or leaves with each punch hole until you reach the beginning where threads meet again. Just tie it and cut off any extras left.

The last step is to add some sweet words of love or maybe a little poem. I can guarantee Father’s Day will be great and Dads are going to love the heart.