Mother’s Day Party Presentation

You will probably say, “Kate! This Mother’s Day Party was ages ago!” And I completely agree but I’m sure you will also agree that it is absolutely worth to make a little presentation of the beautiful artwork created by moms and their children.

The event was spread out as it happened on two different days by the booking and also, I have moved it to my Art Studio as bigger space was no longer needed. Small organizational changes but we still had great results and very happy families taking their paintings back home.

The project was selected especially for the event. I wanted to make sure that the painting captured the love between a mother-daughter relationship. It was great that each family decided to customize it by changing the colour of the hair, the colour/shade of the skin and even the number of children on the picture. What a great idea! Now they all could feel personally related to the beautiful mermaids they painted.

Since the painting was for two hours and it was supposed to be very relaxed and fun I made sure we have lovely snacks and drinks. All of the mom and child teams were guided as per needs and their level of comfort with paint and brushes.

It was really wonderful to listen to how they communicated between each other deciding who is going to paint what and which colour to choose. The children usually worked on the bigger spaces and the moms painted the faces and hair of the mermaids. The most important part is that everybody had smiles on their faces and left my art studio happy and quite proud of their artworks.

Mother’s Day Party was a success and I also hope you liked the presentation of the artworks I have prepared to share. If you think that this kind of party is a great idea for your child’s birthday or maybe as a gift for grandparents who would love to spend some quality time with grandchildren please give me a call and I will make sure they will have great memories while creating beautiful art.