Motion in Art

Motion in Art is the same as amovement in art. I talked about it a bit recently on the occasion of a different post but I think it is a good idea to bring it back again and in fact, I’m going to have this subject as a quite a regular part of art classes. I found it fascinating to try to capture motion in art. Just imagine any kind of picture you have ever seen, how would you re-paint it to include motion? Art is quite a static form of expression, so movement brings it to life and makes it so much more attractive. During this art class, my students had to capture birds in a cage which are trying to fly and flapping their wings while sitting on the bars of the cage. One of the students decided to go a bit further with her imagination and created flying unicorn which was a bit different than the plan for this class intended, however, she did include motion in art, which means she has reached the objective and I obviously love the creativity.

I should also mention the watercolours which were used in the project. Those paints are available in any art supply shops and even in big box stores. They are not very messy and easily washable from clothing, so let your child try it out and maybe they are going to love it. Based on the information from my students, it looks like these paints are most popular at schools, so your child may be familiar with using it already.

Have fun with this project and make sure to show your child, in a few easy steps, how to draw a bird, as this may be an obstacle to overcome for them. If they will focus on the task to capture movement in art, their stress of drawing a bird should shift away.