New Superhero Art Contest

I’m so, so excited to announce our first art contest. I think this one is really cool because it’s not every day we get to design a new Superhero, right? Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary people to put on a mask and stand to fight for what is right. Some of you may have seen two new Marvel characters introduced recently, and from what I heard, they didn’t do a great job, so we are going to try a show them better designs. I would love to engage as many children and teens in Guelph and Wellington County area as possible. The winning design and the story are going to be adopted and promoted by Art Studio Guelph as our mascot. We will produce a stuffy, include the character in our promotional materials and work with other artists on creating our own comic book and beyond, we are open to community ideas and creativity. The winning artist is going to be rewarded with art supplies for their project.

Rules of submission:

  1. Provide a photo or scan of your New Superhero drawing. Try to be as creative and innovative as possible. Don’t suggest yourself with existing superheroes, we are looking for an original proposal.
  2. A new superhero needs to have a name and short story describing where he or she is from and what are their superpowers. Older siblings or grownups can help you to put the story together.
  3. Artist’s name, age, tel. no. to their parent or guardian.

The deadline for New Superhero Art Contest submissions is the 24th of April, 2020 and we will announce the winner on the 1st of May 2020. I hope we are all going to have some fun inventing new mighty characters to protect us.

Sending your submission to this Art Contest you do agree to terms and conditions stated above.