Perspective vs Kids Abilities in Art

I have realized how hard it is to explain a subject of perspective in art to young kids. My class is in the 8 to 11 age group and they had a difficult time following an idea of perspective in art and how objects relate to each other and how to measure and mark basic points of objects. I started with a perspective of street view but we didn’t get far when I have realized that they can follow instructions but they can’t get the concept and how to relate those objects to each other. Then I have switched to something much simpler like two objects next to each other. One cup and one apple. This went better.

There were not so many confusing lines and different points of ending one shape and starting the other. Now they could analyze the composition and find those important points where two object meets and how their lines relate to each other. They got to sit in different seats around the table and draw the same objects from different perspectives. It worked out but momentum was gone and kids got a bit overwhelmed and we had to drop this subject for rest of the class and continue with free art practice.

Most important is that kids had fun and ended up doing this what they love most, which is art. Some earlier unfinished pieces were in works and some completely new got created. You will be able to enjoy new pieces in out student’s gallery very soon. Please check for new updates and we may get back to perspective in the near future.