Renovated Art Studio

Summer holidays are over and I have fantastic news for all of my current and future students. We are going to work in the renovated art studio as of September. Some of you may remember how it used to look if you came over for a visit or maybe checked out photos on my website or social media. Now I’m pleased to present a completely new look of my art studio with lots of new equipment, brushes, and paints.

Arctic blue walls made a huge difference. It brought so much light inside and space feels much bigger too. I have removed some furniture and change the others. There are much more colours and definitely more fun. I have also made lots of space available on the walls so we can hang all your fabulous art you are going to paint here. Don’t be a stranger and come over for a visit if you like. You can see my new studio, we can talk about art and paint something together.

The renovation was a great idea and lots of work but it was absolutely worth it! Renovated Art Studio provides fantastic space for creative adventure with colour, shape and texture.