Seniors’ Art Group

Please join our brand new Art program which has been organized at Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington and dedicated for Seniors who are participating in many types of activities which IS-GW has to offer throughout the year.

We have already completed the pilot project in August. Strong group of new artists has completed 3 beautiful projects trying out acrylic paints, oil pastels, and watercolours.

Participants learned about layering in acrylic painting and what makes a wonderful landscape.

Oil pastels techniques and how to build an interesting composition. Basic watercolours techniques and how to create dimension while painting flower composition. We also discussed a wide variety of artistic materials available on the market and were to start with an affordable set to enjoy art on a daily basis.

Each session takes 2 hours, and starts at 10 am twice per month.

There are still few spots available, so if you are interested please contact IS-GW and sign up to the Seniors’ Art Group. Schedule until the end of this round of art session is as follow September 10th and 17th, October 8th and 22nd, November 5th and 19th, December 3rd, January 7th, and 21st, February 4th and 18th.

During those 11 sessions, we are going to cover:

  1. Portrait sketching and how to build face proportions. What is a grid and how to use it?
  2. Three coloured art – “a pond”, acrylic paints on the paper. Colour theory, basics of colour mixing and how to build your pallet with red, black and white only.
  3. Figure painting and movement in the art – acrylic paints. How to achieve a dynamic look of static composition?
  4. Let’s learn some basic watercolour techniques and paint fall harvest composition.
  5. Art of food painting – thanksgiving table artwork with the use of soft pastels.
  6. Winter landscape abstract art – oil pastels on paper techniques.
  7. Group portrait – family during festival season with the use of watercolours.
  8. Butterfly garden landscape with soft pastels.
  9. Van Gogh sunflowers – history of the artist and reproduction of his artwork with the use of oil pastels.
  10. Sketching of animals – wolf.
  11. Love is in the air – paint what you love or who you love.

Those who would love to gain more experience and polish their skills will have an opportunity to compete some homeworks and discuss their progress on short one on one consultations.

Materials during the sessions are provided, Terms & Conditions as per Art Studio Guelph and Immigrant Services Guelph Wellingtone apply. In order to participate in Seniors’ Art Group, you need to also register as a client of IS-GW.