Sewing Adventure – Book Protective Case

We had fantastic time sewing those fabulous book protective cases! We have used an original book protective case to copy and since this sewing class was for beginners we had great opportunity to understand how to connect all pieces to hide the stitches and make it looks exactly like the original one.

First ladies measured and cut pieces of fabric for external cover, internal soft filling, and lining which is going to cover all stitching. We had a lot of fun! I didn’t realize that students can be a bit nervous to work with the sewing machine for the first time and even straight cutting become a challenge.

Before we got to the sewing of actual covers we thought that some practice may be a good idea so we sewed for about half an hour each to get comfortable with machine and fabric. Just a simple straight stitch and then double fold on the edge.

Finally, students were ready to take on real sewing challenge.

After they pinned all of the layers to prevent from moving between each other sewing adventure could begin.

The first cover took a bit longer time to sew but the second one went much quicker and with better stitching too.

I should mention how we all enjoyed and worked together for best results.

The ladies managed to sew two book protective cases each and I hope they have a great use of them since I know they are frequent readers.

If you would like to learn how to sew book protective cases or some other project of your dreams please contact me and we will plan it and make it happen.

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