Sketching with experiance

I would like to tell you a little bit more about my Zoomers Program participants. They all bring a different level of experience onto the table and sketching with experience is something very refreshing and elevating in my own teaching journey.

Ron's Worth latest art exhibition.
Ron’s Worth latest art exhibition.

Today I would like to tell you about Ron. He is a very creative person, painting for the past several years and very actively involved in all artistic projects in the retirement home. He loves to share photos of his artwork on social media and he has participated in several art shows and exhibitions for the past few years. He specializes in acrylic painting and he is really excellent in painting airplanes and architecture. Ron’s artwork is detailed and reflects reality. Paintings with airplanes were part of an art exhibit about World War I and, no wonder as they look truly amazing!

The communication platform between me and the group is really good and they are catching all of my suggestions in the fly. There is more of just bringing back the memory on this how to sketch than really learning anything new. They all know it already just forgot due to the lack of practice. It is changing now and I’m sure that after a month we will all notice so much of improvement and confidence in their drawing.

Landscape Sketch
Landscape Sketch

Sketching with experience comes with time, there is no doubt about it but to get to this point you have to start, so take your sketching pad and pencil and start drawing anything you see around you. Start from simple singular objects and slowly build compositions. When spring comes, start sketching outside, there are so many beautiful places in Guelph.