Spring is in the air

I can imagine that you all feel spring is in the air already. We went for a walk yesterday and the kids were so excited to look for different signs of spring in our neighborhood. The little birds seemed to be most popular and created the most turmoil in my happy, little group. We also found small tulips sprouting from the ground. The kids noticed how the dirt is wet and that grass will become a vibrant green very soon. We also looked for some bugs but they didn’t wake up yet, unfortunately. After such a fruitful conversation with the children, I have decided to extend the subject and make some seed planting. You have no idea how serious and determined they were. They followed all instructions carefully and celebrated the accomplishment of each step. I regret that I didn’t prepare more of little boxes to work with. We talked about what plants need to grow and how we should look after them.

We will trace the growth of our little garden for a few weeks until the plants will be ready to go outside and when the flower starts to show we will sit around them and make beautiful paintings. Kids will have their own watering cans to take care of these flowers from now on until the end of the summer. This is going to be so much fun!

Seed planting is great opportunity to talk about nature as a whole or about water circulation in the system. There will be lots of rain during upcoming days or weeks so it may be very interesting for children to know where this rain comes from. Spring is in the air, we can all feel it, soon we will get to see it and I really can’t wait.


Spring is so inspiring and powerful. How about next time we can paint it! I love to take some photographs to give more inspiration to the children. In this way, they can also remember the bird or flower which has impressed them.

I will keep you posted on the growth of our new plants and I’m thinking that the kids should get one plant to take home and share their experience in gardening with their family.