Still life – Composition

The composition definition describes elements in a painting or any other artistic form. There are many elements to be listed but the basic ones which were introduced to the kids during this class were:

Unity: Do all the parts of the composition feel as if they belong together, or does something feel like it’s standing out, awkwardly out of place?

Balance: Balance is the sense that the painting “feels right” and not heavier on one side. Having a symmetrical arrangement that adds a sense of being calm and relaxed, where an asymmetrical arrangement creates a more dynamic feeling. A painting that is not balanced creates a sense of unease.

Focus : The viewer’s eye ultimately wants to rest on the “most important” thing or focal point in the painting, otherwise the eye feels lost, wandering around in space.

Proportion: How things fit together and relate to each other in terms of size and scale; whether big or small, nearby or distant.

Easy right? The kids did a good practice first. We had several different items on the table and tried building compositions following earlier explained rules. We tried in few different ways and once kids settled with their favourites composition we started sketching and then coloring with soft pastels and crayons.

This was most favourite part, as always. I think my young artists doesn’t mind to learn something new but they actually love painting and drawing the most so I do my best to give them plenty of time to do it. From my perspective good class equals to productive class and this one was very productive for sure. Composition is an easy-peasy for my students.