Summer Camp 2018 Arts

As you can just imagine Summer Art Camp should be all about art, or maybe most of it. We had very busy weeks and kids did numerous exercises on proportions and composition. They got to try all sorts of mediums, different types of papers and canvas. I could see visible improvements day by day and with hard work always comes a lot of rewards. It is obviously very hard to satisfy an artist so children worked on the same things over and over to get closer to their ideal eyes or lips.

We analyzed almost line by line and pointed out all details which are important to be highlighted in order to make the eye look as realistic as possible. We also did a lot of acrylic painting on canvases and canvas boards.

Children love to start with simple projects and then they tend to add more details right from their imagination. It is so great to look how they amaze themselves.


When it comes to the variety of themes, those split dependence on the age group. Younger children will go for it and will try to paint whatever was given to them but older kids have less confidence for some reason. I know they can do it and complete some projects but they see it through different glasses I guess and then I have to make various corrections to accommodate them.

In between all of those “serious” art instructions and directions and explanations we did some fun colouring too. Everybody got white bandanas and fabric markers. They were using their imagination and spiling colours all over the fabric. It was so much fun to see how they “steal” each other’s ideas.

I hope they will remember Art Studio Guelph and week of art once they look at their colourful bandanas at home.

When it was not too hot we also got to do “street art” or I should say driveway graffiti. Younger kids feel very powerful with few colours of chalk in their hands and guess what, they don’t feel intimidated at all and they would draw whatever comes into their mind. I truly love this stripy tiger and I decided to share it with you.

If you have a free afternoon this weekend go outside and let your children amaze you with their skills and imagination! If you think it was an amazing and artistic time for the children please check details about my Summer Art Camp for next year.