Summer Camp 2018 Trips

Summer Camp 2018 is all over now but we did have great fun and lots of entertainment. We obviously did all sorts of art but in between, we had some great field trips to interesting places. We went to the parks, our favourite was Riverside Park with all new and fascinating equipment to play. Big thank you to the City of Guelph for putting it all up for us.

The slides are by far the best – by the kids’ official vote 🙂





Our first trip was to Springridge Farm in Milton. The weather was just right to run around, say hello to all of the farm animals, go on slides and ride a wagon. Children tried absolutely everything! Younger ones preferred the huge sandbox with lots of buckets, metal diggers and tractors set up all over the place. They all looked so similar to each other but children wanted to get on every single one.

Sliding tubes were fun too. A bit bumpy but nobody cared much as they could make lots of funny and rather loud noises while they were sliding down.

Older girls have tried milking the cow. Hahaha, what a fantastic way to show children what kind of they would have to do if they lived around 50 years ago.

They laughed a lot especially milking or I should say watering the pretend cow and it was turning into a water fight between two of them. Since we are on the farm animal subject, we also loved how some of the animals walked around between the people and they were not scared at all. The giant rooster was amazing! So majestic and proud, he really behaved like a

king in his castle.





A week after Springridge Farm we went to visit the local Fire Station. Thank you to the Fire Station #5 for an entertainment and great tour around the fire truck. We had an opportunity to see all sorts of equipment in may compartments and boxes of the fire truck. I really didn’t expect so much of machinery fits on it + 200 gallons of water. Firefighters also did a demonstration of safety clothing which they have to wear when they fight a fire. It was all very heavy and bulky. They practice twice a day to put it on and it has to take not more than a minute to pull it all on including a mask and oxygen tank.

Children got to touch most of the things and hold the smaller hose. They got on the truck and we listened to the practice alarm sounds. It was a very educational trip and we all loved it.