Thank You Cards for Children’s Foundation

Yes, yes this is another great work done by the children of Art Studio Guelph and this time we had children from Ottawa Crescent PS contributing to the project as well. I would like to give a special thank you to the Children from Ottawa Crescent Public School, teachers, and Principal Mr. Cameron. They made a great effort in facilitating and completing about 20 beautiful Thank You cards. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated and I’m so happy that these cards will bring a big smile to the faces of volunteers who are going to receive them. This is so wonderful that children understand and have an opportunity to send direct appreciations for the help they get. Children’s Foundation has a Food & Friends program in Ottawa Crescent PS and thanks to that, the children were even more excited to work on cards as Children’s Foundation has a direct impact on their lives.

Altogether Art Studio Guelph has delivered about 40 cards to the Children’s Foundation and we are going to support all artistic projects initiated by the Foundation any time of the year. We are proud to be a supporter and stand by the mission of the Children’s Foundation.

If you feel that the Principal at your children’s school would support and would like to include a school into the next artistic project please send me a direct message so I can get in touch with them. There is no any cost to the school for participating in artistic projects.

Just as a reminder, Art Studio Guelph will be more than happy to accept payment for children’s Art Classes through the Children’s Foundation, if you are in title for their founding.