Vincent Van Gogh

Since Spring II 2019 season we have permanently included the history of art class into our program. Each season, the children are going to be introduced to one famous artist. During our 2 hour session, we will talk about artists’ life and art, characteristics of an artistic era he lived in and elements of his artwork based on several examples. At the same time, children will have a chance to exercise the style of that artist by copying his or her artwork.

During this fall season 2019, we have learned about Vincent Van Gogh, his tragic life and his unusual and very famous artistic style. Children did a fantastic job copying the “Bedroom at Arles” painting. They did use some of their own creativity and accomplished acrylic on canvas paintings which can be proudly displayed on the wall. It is amazing how many details they have managed to notice and transfer into their own painting. During this art class they were very focused on the composition, elements, perspective, and sizes of the objects. They also tried to mimic colours and shading or impression of texture. I hope that Vincent Van Gogh and his art will remain in my student’s memory for a long time while they look at the painting they have created during this class.