Winter Art Classes, Landscape project

Our Winter Art Classes are going really well. I have met some new young artists and got to discover a great passion for the art they have. We have completed most of the classes by now and many beautiful pieces of art have left my studio. It looks like the 3 coloured art and poster art were the most popular and the children were truly happy with their results. I’m going to include it in future projects too.

The first project we have accomplished together was the landscape. We talked quite a bit about different types of landscapes and how we can add and remove some elements of it. We also identified what can make landscape to look more interesting and intriguing to paint or draw. We also discovered 3 layers of a picture plan and how it relates to the size of painted objects.

Children drawing at the big table.
Saturday Art class in the full swing. Landscape and soft pastels.

It was amazing to watch how children were discussing this new knowledge between them and how they were working to use it in their artwork.

There was a free choice of the landscape which children would paint or draw. They picked a volcano, the seaside, and mountains with a forest. I loved how the children used their imagination to create layers of their pictures and clearly showing each plan on it.

The Landscape was a really good choice for the beginning of this year’s Winter Art Classes. Everybody opened up and got excited about their first accomplishments. You can see the children’s accomplished artwork in our student’s gallery.