Zoomers Program

Collection of Zoomer's Artwork
Collection of Zoomer’s Artwork.

The Zoomers Program has completed their first art session as of two booked for January. The participants have decided to work on sketching so I have prepared two projects just in case somebody is on a more advanced level and will be able to complete both or work on the more complicated one right from the beginning.

Before I will talk more about projects and what we have achieved during this session I would like to congratulate this fantastic group of 6 for their accomplished drawings and being patient to follow my instructions.

Also, thank you to the program coordinator for a great article in the newsletter which was distributed in the retirement home. I truly appreciate your efforts and organizational skills.

Now let’s go back to the art session. As I mentioned, we had a sketch session. From two presented projects, we have to draw along the easier one with four different types of dishes in it. We have mainly talked about proportions and how to build mirror images on the left and right side for symmetrical objects.  Then we discussed how to find out the position of objects in relation to each other and how to measure distances, height and the width of them in order to remain truthful to the composition.

Since all four objects were fairly symmetrical, we had a very good practice repeating the same process and looking for the same details which help to build the objects.

Finally, we could move forward and start working on building the shadow with its lines and intensity. We talked about different types of tools which can be used to blend shadows and different types of pencils which can make the entire process much easier. My artists have identified where the source of light is that shadows on the objects and of the objects have three dimensions. First, is the shadow of this part of the object which is not light, second, is the shadow of the object on the other object, and third is a shadow of the object in the background. We talked about hatching and how to add more and more lines to build depth of the darkness.

The art session was great! Everybody has managed to finish their artwork or nearly finished. I could see that some Zoomers has their unique style. They used to paint or draw and some of them still paint and even put their artworks for different types of shows and exhibits.

Drawing seems to be the favorite thing to do for my new students and I will do my best to incorporate as much sketching and drawing into our meetings as possible. I will see you soon again with a new exciting project to work on.